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The Common Source Client Testimonial {video}

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“We have more technology in our watch now, than I had in my first big servers,” said Ann Zdansky, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Common Source, an award-winning provider of on-line document hosting, electronic discovery (e-discovery), litigation support, and document management services.

When Zdansky started the business in 1997, no one else was performing these services. She was able to grow the business significantly, but with her husband’s recent retirement, she was looking for the right strategy that would allow her to transition to the next phase of her life: traveling. Her needs were simple enough, in approaching Benchmark International as the partner, she wanted a buyer who would maintain the staff and clientele; she wanted a buyer who would mesh well with the culture she had worked hard to develop throughout the years.

Zdansky felt that Benchmark International took those needs seriously. She never felt pressured to move forward with a buyer that did not meet her needs. The team at Benchmark International was able to find a buyer within the IT services industry who not only met Zdansky’s needs, but far exceeded them.

This is just one example of the many companies Benchmark International has helped since its inception, and is proof of our commitment to continue changing the way deals are done. Whether you’re contemplating a growth or exit strategy, our team is equipped to help you navigate the process.


Benchmark International’s global offices provide business owners in the middle market and lower middle market with creative, value-maximizing solutions for growing and exiting their businesses. To date, Benchmark International has handled engagements in excess of $5B across 30 industries worldwide. With decades of global M&A experience, Benchmark International’s deal teams, working from 13 offices across the world, have assisted hundreds of owners with achieving their personal objectives and ensuring the continued growth of their businesses.

We are ready when you are.

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