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Big Data & Cloud Storage Security Industry Report

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Global Big Data Security Market

The global big data security market was valued at $24 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $115 billion by 2030. That is a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19% over the forecast period of 2022 to 2030. North America led the global market and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.5%.

Every day, big data is playing a continuously growing role in the business world and our everyday lives. Data analytics is being used to identify business opportunities, boost performance, and steer decision-making at all levels. The data is extensively studied to understand customers' buying patterns, from the types of products and services they use to how and where they interact with a business's offerings. The sector of big data is being driven by several factors, such as the booming adoption of digital technologies and the growing importance of data-based analysis methodologies. Digital data creation is also surging with the increased use of digital devices such as smartphones and laptops in everyday life. The Internet of Things (IoT) and the data its devices generate are contributing to this data boom.

Data analytics has faced its fair share of challenges when it comes to evaluating and making sense of large amounts of digital data production. New technologies are needed to help with processing, identifying, and presenting such massive amounts of data, as well as maintaining the security of the data.

Specific enhancements in complex data methodologies will continue to increase the use of big data analytics technology, creating profitable market expansion opportunities. The security of this data is an increasingly important part of the market as the rise in data privacy, and security concerns continue to grow and threats evolve. In recent years, there have been corporate data breaches that impact consumer privacy, and hacking threats remain a major fear for businesses and consumers alike. The pressure is on companies to employ better data security solutions. There will be increased adoption of data security measures to safeguard enterprise and consumer data, helping the sector continue to grow and opening up opportunities for mergers and acquisitions in the space.

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The Market by Geography

North America leads the global data security market, which is projected to grow at a 17.5% CAGR, as most data security suppliers are based in North America, where the most advanced security technologies are being used. There are extensive data services designed to increase risk management and enhance consumer marketing.

The second largest and fastest growing region is the Asia-Pacific region. The Asia-Pacific big data security market is forecast to reach $32180 million by 2030, growing at a 21% CAGR. Demand for cybersecurity solutions will increase due to high digital connectivity, growing cybersecurity awareness, more data transfer across borders, and weaker laws. The third largest region is Europe, where cyber threats are growing, and organizations are concerned with preventing major data breaches.

Global Cloud Security Market

The global cloud security market is expected to grow from $40.8 billion in 2021 to $77.5 billion by 2026, at 13.7% CAGR. The market is also estimated to be worth $106.02 billion by 2029.

The biggest factors fueling demand in the cloud security market include:

  • More sophisticated cybercriminals
  • Cyber espionage campaigns
  • New cyberattacks
  • Growing need for cloud-based solutions
  • A surge in enterprise mobility solution plans that include bring-your-own-device (BYOD), choose-your-own-device (CYOD), and corporate-owned, personally-enabled (COPE) trends
  • Increasing government initiatives to support smart infrastructure and online payment applications

The rapid adoption of digital transformation strategies due to COVID-19 has also been a major driving factor. Remote working arrangements have made cloud computing more essential than ever for enterprises and companies of all sizes. Prior to the pandemic, many companies thought cloud storage could be risky. But that way of thinking has reversed, opening up the need for enhanced cloud security solutions. Another result of the pandemic is a spike in email phishing crimes, as scammers use the pandemic to try to take advantage of people who are relying more on email communications due to teleworking. Additionally, there has been a 600% increase in cloud work collaboration tools (Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams), which means cyberattacks in the cloud have also increased in tandem. With cloud security threats rapidly increasing, companies across all sectors now absolutely must evaluate their security. As demand and activity grow in the cloud security space, there will be increasing opportunities for M&A transactions to propel the industry forward.


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