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Why A Bids-Invited Process Helps to Increase Your Business’ Valuation When It Is Time to Exit Your Business

You have decided it is finally time to take the next step in your exit strategy. You are ready to sell your business or seek a growth partner. Whether you are seeking retirement or looking for a strategic partner to assist you with future growth, you will want to get the best offer from a prospective buyer with the best cultural fit. In Benchmark International’s experience,  utilizing a  bids-invited process can help you to achieve these goals.


Unlocking Business Success: On-demand Webinar - Taking Control Of Your Growth And Exit Strategy

In the fast-paced business world, navigating growth and planning for a successful exit strategy is a challenge every business owner eventually faces. The journey to success involves understanding the nuances of value, timing growth in the market, and ensuring a perfect fit for your business.


Benchmark International facilitated the sale of Morgan Wood Products Inc. to the EP Group

Morgan Wood Products, Inc. is a leading broker of pallets based in Columbus, Ohio, serving 41 states and provinces. The COVID crisis fundamentally altered the pallet industry, and Morgan Wood was well-positioned to expand its operations due to the market shift. By 2022 the company had reached the stage where its owner and founder, Luke Reinstetle, saw the benefit of bringing in outside capital and resources to keep its growth moving ahead.


The Value Of A Good Bookkeeper On Board During The Sale Of Your Company

No matter what business you are in, we all know that life becomes much easier when we have our finances in order. Whether preparing for Tax season, doing an audit, or ensuring that your business is operating at its highest potential, having accountable financials is vital. This becomes especially true when you are trying to sell your business. Not only do your financials need to make sense to you, but they need to be as attractive as possible to potential buyers. A key to making this financial transition as smooth as possible lies in the hands of one person: your bookkeeper. 


Why Do I Need An Exit Strategy?

Don’t Delay

As a business owner, an exit plan is critical to preparing you and your company ready for retirement or your next act. Unfortunately, many business owners do not realize the importance of exit strategies, so they don’t feel like it’s worth taking the time to craft one. This is often a huge mistake. It doesn’t matter if you do not plan on selling or retiring soon. However, it’s wise to have an exit strategy for several reasons. 


How Is An Owner’s Compensation Treated In A CIM?

Owner’s compensation is a key feature that is addressed in various ways in a CIM. Some variables affect how owner’s compensation is treated in a CIM. Some of these variables include how much salary the owner is receiving, the role of the owner in the business currently, and the owner's role following a transaction. Combining these variables will determine how owner’s compensation is addressed in the CIM. A key point that must be known is that distributions do not affect adjustments to owner’s compensation. Distributions do not affect the income statement of the business, so they are not to be considered when making adjustments for owner’s compensation adjustments.


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