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Benchmark International Successfully Facilitated The Transaction Of A Coastal Packaging And Lachemont Group.

Benchmark International successfully facilitated the transaction of Coastal Packaging and Lachemont Group. Coastal Packaging is a custom packaging and liner covers company offering turnkey, flexible packaging specializing in plain and printed roll stock for form fill and seal machines, open mouth bags, custom fit container liners, and pallet covers. They have flexible minimum runs, which is an advantage.


Global Printing Industry Outlook

The global print market is shrinking in volume but growing in value. Output measured in billions of A4 prints was 49,973 back in 2014 but is forecast to decline very slightly to 49,654 by 2024. In value terms, print output is expected to grow from a total of $767.4 billion in 2014 to $862.7 billion in 2024 – a CAGR of 1.18%.

The role and dynamics of the print industry are changing, with the main factor being the impact of the internet and mobile connectivity on the way both businesses and individuals communicate and access information. This affects every segment of the traditional printing business, changing expectations of what is acceptable to speed, relevance, and degree of interactivity of data, irrespective of the medium used.


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