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M&A and U.K. start-ups: where next for the beginners?

The U.K has a vibrant start-up culture, with an estimated 600,000 new companies set up in 2015. A whole host of factors have powered this part of the economy. Many U.K. industries are world leaders, for example the recruitment sector, while the E.U. freedom of movement drew on human capital from across the continent. The development of new challengers in different industries and sectors plays a key role in stimulating M&A activity, with buyers attracted for reasons from exciting IP to up-and-coming talent. Established companies may find it difficult to truly innovate in-house, so M&A may also give the opportunity to roll-out acquired new products or services in support of their existing operations.


Top Start-up Industries: The Future of M&A

It is true that the start-up businesses of today are likely to shape the M&A deals of tomorrow. In this blog, we take a look at the top industries for start-ups in 2016 and why investors should be keeping an eye on how these up-and-coming businesses develop.


How to Navigate M&As as a Small Business or Start-up

As a small business or start-up, the prospect of undergoing a merger or acquisition can be daunting. However, this need not be the case and it can, in fact, bring positive results to your company.


Tips for Start-ups: Getting Acquired

Start-ups have increasingly become a sought-after prospect, with major global players such as Apple, Facebook and Google competing to buy their way into new markets and to ensure they have the competitive edge.

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