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When It Comes To Buyers, Know Your Options

So, you're thinking about putting your company on the market for sale or entering into a strategic partnership. Where do you start? An excellent place to begin is by knowing the different types of buyers that are at your disposal, and there are several options. Every buyer will have various reasons for investing in a business, so you need to understand what they are looking for and why. Having a solid understanding of your exit strategy options can help you cash out with the most value and the best deal for the future of your company and your family. 


How To Find The Right Business To Buy

Why You Should Buy an Existing Business

It's the unfortunate truth. More than half of all new businesses fail within the first few years of operation, and 90% of the latest companies leave within the first four to five years. Those are some scary odds. This is why acquiring an existing company can be much safer and more intelligent than building a new business.


Unlocking Buyer Types: On-Demand Webinar Now Available

Missed the live event or eager to dive back into the insights shared by industry expert Dara Shareef? We are thrilled to announce that our webinar, "Casting a Wide Net When Pursuing an Exit - An Examination of Other Buyer Types," is now available on demand!


Benchmark International Successfully Facilitated The Transaction Between George W. Evans & Associates And Nationwide Brokerage Solutions

Benchmark International has successfully facilitated the transaction of George W. Evan & Associates. They are a Managing General Agent that services individual and commercial insurance agents. The firm lends its expertise in helping in


Don't Miss Our Deep Dive Into Strategic Buyers

One of our Managing Partners at Benchmark International drafted an exclusive publication detailing many of the attributes that are unique to strategic buyers and how those attributes can impact   business owners in the sale of their business. 


Don’t Miss Benchmark International’s Newest Edition of The Mark

Benchmark International is excited to release our latest in-house publication of The Mark, Vol. XXI.

U.S. Small Business Confidence Drops Amid Inflation Concerns

Last month, small business sentiment in the U.S. fell to its lowest level in nearly 9-1/2 years due to concerns surrounding inflation. Yet, at the same time, demand for labor remains more substantial than expected as companies continue to pursue growth.


Upcoming Webinar: What You Need To Know About Selling Your Business To A Strategic Buyer

Join us for the complimentary webinar: What You Need To Know About Selling Your Business To A Strategic Buyer.


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