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Benchmark International Negotiates Sale Of Nefco, Inc. To North American Filtration, Inc.

Benchmark International has successfully negotiated the sale of Nefco, Inc. (“NEFCO”) to North American Filtration, Inc. (“NAF”). The transaction represents the conjoining of two leaders in the water and wastewater treatment industry.

Based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, NEFCO has been a major provider of engineered fiberglass products to the water and wastewater treatment industry since 1993. The company designs and develops unique baffle systems, launder cover systems for algae and odor control, as well as effluent troughs systems, weirs, scum baffles and other treatment plant infrastructure.

For over 20 years, NEFCO has been committed to finding innovative ways to improve productivity in municipal, industrial water and wastewater treatment plants worldwide. With a current presence throughout the United States and Canada, NEFCO remains dedicated to continuing improvement and growth.


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Based in South Carolina, NAF was founded in the late 1970’s. While a number of the NAF family companies operate in the wastewater treatment space, the NAF family continues to grow each year through new acquisitions of other industry-leading providers. NAF currently employees over one-hundred employees across four locations, and has recorded thousands of installations on six continents.

Benchmark International’s Trevor Talkie acted as the lead on this transaction and was successful in pinning down the needs of both parties involved, “Benchmark’s ability to create a competitive bid process for our client was instrumental in this transaction.” Talkie stated, “On behalf of Benchmark International, achieving our client’s goals and objectives regarding their exit strategy has been a thoroughly satisfying experience, and we are extremely pleased with the outcome.” Director, Tyrus O’Neill, added, “Earle [Schaller] has built a tremendous business, and it is clear that NEFCO is a perfect fit for the North American Filtration portfolio of companies. We would like to take this opportunity to wish both parties the best of luck moving forward.”

NEFCO, Inc. President and Founder, Earle Schaller, stated, “Benchmark International’s hands-on approach during all aspects of the transaction process was fundamental in our successful deal closing. I would like to thank the transaction team at Benchmark International, for without the diligence and dedication of each member there, we strongly feel this end result could not have been achieved.”


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