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Benchmark International facilitated the sale of Morgan Wood Products Inc. to the EP Group

Morgan Wood Products, Inc. is a leading broker of pallets based in Columbus, Ohio, serving 41 states and provinces. The COVID crisis fundamentally altered the pallet industry, and Morgan Wood was well-positioned to expand its operations due to the market shift. By 2022 the company had reached the stage where its owner and founder, Luke Reinstetle, saw the benefit of bringing in outside capital and resources to keep its growth moving ahead.


Benchmark International Successfully Facilitated A Transaction Between D.T. Woodcrafters Corp And Hollywood Woodwork, Inc.

Benchmark International has successfully facilitated a transaction between Hialeah, Florida-based D.T. Woodcrafters Corp (“Woodcrafters”) and Hollywood Woodwork, Inc. (“Hollywood”), headquartered in Hollywood, Florida. Woodcrafters creates custom woodwork for a high-end customer base that includes banks, offices, restaurants, hotels, and homes. For over 25 years, the team’s craftsmanship has allowed it to distinguish itself in South Florida. Hollywood is one of the nation’s premier millwork and casework companies, with over 150 employees and a leading position in the Florida market.


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