Year of the Pig – What this Means for Business and Prosperity

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The Year of the Pig is now upon us and, with this, comes feng shui tips and predictions on our health, career and finances.

So what does feng shui predict for the year ahead in terms of business and prosperity?

Elements associated with the year of the pig include wood and earth so, sector wise, industries such as fashion, media, education, environment, property, mining, insurance, and computer software may see an uplift.

On the contrary, water and metal industries may underperform. Sectors that may not do well include shipping, transport, communication, and banking.

The Year of the Pig also represents the termination of fire, according to the experts – unfortunately this means the forecast is that the general economy will be gloomy.

However, don’t worry if you are born in the year of the rat, rabbit, horse and tiger, as these years are considered lucky. Commiserations for those born in the year of the pig, snake and monkey – you could have a challenging year ahead.

To instead attract prosperity, ‘balancing’ the energy from heaven and earth can help – establishments with doors that open to the northwest side will be ‘very positive’ this year, while those with southwest and northwest entrances should be careful.

So if you’re in the banking sector, born in the year of the snake and have a door that opens southwest, you may be in trouble.

Nevertheless, feng shui consultant, Kim Aganda, gives this advice for the following year to be prosperous: “Have a clear view of your goals and avoid distractions if you want to be successful in the Year of the Pig”.

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