You Need an M&A Specialist, Not an Industry Expert

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It’s time to dispel the myth that it’s better to use an industry expert versus a mergers and acquisitions expert for the sale of a business. At times, sellers are apprehensive about engaging with a mergers and acquisitions firm that doesn’t specialize in one specific industry, and they say they would rather use an industry expert instead. This isn’t the best strategy for a seller who hopes to gain the most value for his or her business.

The mergers and acquisitions cycle is constantly changing. That’s why it’s important for mergers and acquisitions firms to stay on top of industry trends and stay abreast of any new developments. At Benchmark International, we are M&A professionals who work in all industries. Our business is selling businesses, and we understand the industry specifics.

We know the expectations of buyers and what they are looking for across a wide range of industries. M&A isn’t about limiting your knowledgebase to only one industry. We are specialists in all mergers and acquisitions, and we work hard to bring the best value to business sales. A specific industry expert knows the terminology of that industry and understands how that specific industry works, but that’s where the expertise comes to its height.

The reality is using a mergers and acquisitions firm with vast experience across several industries allows sellers to prepare for the sales process in depth because M&A experts have seen it all. Industry-specific experts have only a small pocket of buyers, which limits the possibilities to drive the price of a business up for sale. This perspective of using well-known buyers to sell a business in the same industry keeps buyers’ interest at the forefront of a sale, not the sellers’.

Bringing buyers from multiple industries allows for competition in the sales process. Benchmark International researches not only the specific industry, but also the current state of the mergers and acquisitions cycle and market. Industry-specific firms don’t have the experience of mergers and acquisitions firms that perform sales regularly.

Benchmark International has completed more than 500 transactions across several industries, and we know how to drive the price of a business up to get business owners the best value for a transaction. Should any problems arise throughout the transaction timeline, Benchmark knows how to solve it. These broad problem-solving skills come from years of experience in M&A transactions. We have seen it all.

Our professionalism and expertise are highlighted by the support of our clients. Renate Gerle, Atlanta Biological President, stated “We had spoken with a number of industry specialist prior to engaging Benchmark; however, Benchmark’s proven ability to negotiate the best deal, their structured team approach, their numerous resources to attract both domestic and international buyers, paired with their in-depth knowledge about our industry ultimately determined our decision.”

Selling to a large industry player may not always be the best decision. Gerle further noted “My advice to any owner who genuinely wants to achieve the best results would be to engage with a global specialist like Benchmark rather than over-focusing on industry buyers.” Sometimes, finding a synergistic partner is the more lucrative choice, and Benchmark International has the resources to find that partner for a business looking to expand its footprint.

Moreover, every Benchmark International client has a team of ten mergers and acquisitions professionals equipped with a global infrastructure and a mass of databases and resources at their disposal. When engaging your business for sale, you do need to seek an industry expert, but that expert needs to be well-versed and experienced in the mergers and acquisitions process.


Benchmark International’s global offices provide business owners in the middle market and lower middle market with creative, value-maximizing solutions for growing and exiting their businesses. To date, Benchmark International has handled engagements in excess of $5B across 30 industries worldwide. With decades of global M&A experience, Benchmark International’s deal teams, working from 13 offices across the world, have assisted hundreds of owners with achieving their personal objectives and ensuring the continued growth of their businesses.

We are ready when you are.

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