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Universal Air Tool Company Limited acquired by P&F Industries, Inc.

Posted on July 31, 2014 By in Deal completions

Benchmark International has advised on the successful sale of Universal Air Tool Company Limited (UAT) to P&F Industries, Inc. (P&F) for  seven times the Company’s EBITDA.


Benchmark International sign sponsorship agreement with football team!

Benchmark International is proud to announce that it has reached a sponsorship agreement with Cannock Town Football Club (Under 9s).


The importance of identifying active acquirers

Many business owners believe they can sell their business on their own, without using the services of an M&A adviser. That may be the case; however, this viewpoint fails to consider the negative effect on the business that the process of selling and the time it takes will have. Whilst a business owner could potentially sell without specialist advice, it’s highly likely that the eventual value received will be much lower – indeed, without an experienced M&A research, marketing and negotiating team behind them, it almost certainly will be.


Key aspects that drive business value

When it comes to the motives and objectives of acquirers seeking to purchase a business, regardless of whether they are financial purchasers such as private equity groups, or strategic purchasers such as larger corporates looking for bolt-on opportunities, the key value drivers of the potential acquisition largely remain unchanged.


Dexters Confectionery Limited enters joint venture with Unex Private Equity

Posted on July 2, 2014 By in Deal completions

Glasgow-based confectionery and soft drink import and distribution specialist Dexters Confectionery Limited has entered a joint venture with Unex Private Equity in an undisclosed deal.


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