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M&A Activity Hits an All Time High

The corporate industry world has borne witness to some of the mega deals being signed throughout the year. Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced as $160 billion merger with Allergan. A deal that was, according to Bloomberg, “the largest ever deal in the history of healthcare industry and second biggest deal overall on record”.


Increasing the Likelihood of a Successful Acquisition or Merger

In today’s environment of global competition, growth from within your company can only take you so far. One strategy is to expand through mergers and acquisitions, to enter a market or acquire innovation capability. It is risky as making a deal a success is one of the hardest tasks in business. So, how can you reduce the risks and increase the chances of carrying out a successful merger or acquisition?


Record breaking M&A in China beats 2015 with six months to spare

In just six months, China has already beaten its outstanding M&A record in overseas deals from 2015. Last year, Chinese investors put forwards $111bn within foreign M&A deals and have, so far, spent $111.6bn in 2016.


Big Data Means Big Deals

For a long time, big data has meant big business. In the first quarter of 2016, big data alone accounted for an estimated 70 per cent of M&A activity, according to a survey conducted by EY.


Michael Robb Accounting Client Testimonial {video}



M&A’s Silver Lining for the Brexit Vote

Regardless of which way the referendum goes this week, an end to speculation over the UK's membership of the European Union could pave the way for significant M&A activity across the FTSE All-Share.


Letter of Intent for Mergers and Acquisitions

In a corporate merger or acquisition, it is imperative to make sure that both companies involved are on the same page in the early stages of the process. M&A is complicated and require costly resources, therefore it is important to know what each party is prepared to offer before proceeding with the transaction. One method to make sure that both parties are on the same page is to draft and produce a letter of intent (LOI), which outlines the deal points of the merger or acquisition and serves as a type of “agreement to agree”.


How to Avoid Irrational Decision Making in M&A

When making decisions, most people tend to go with their gut feeling rather than relying on the accurate data available. People will not like to admit this, but as humans we find it very difficult to remain 100% objective. Inevitably, emotions become a factor when running a business which is natural as you must have some form of passion in order to run a company and make it a success. Particularly when it comes to a potential deal being made, emotions can outweigh cold hard facts.


The Biggest Deals in Tech M&A

M&A within the tech sector saw a relatively slow start to 2016. However, analysts predict that the recent announcement of Microsoft’s intention to acquire professional social network LinkedIn for $26bn could trigger a tech M&A boom. So far, $209bn worth of deals have been announced, placing 2016 back on track to match last year’s record deal making.


LinkedIn Deal Sparks Talk Of Another Tech M&A Boom

With the tech industry in the midst of a takeover boom, Microsoft’s $26bn purchase of professional social platform LinkedIn could be a turning point.


Top Start-up Industries: The Future of M&A

It is true that the start-up businesses of today are likely to shape the M&A deals of tomorrow. In this blog, we take a look at the top industries for start-ups in 2016 and why investors should be keeping an eye on how these up-and-coming businesses develop.


Top 10 Reasons Mergers and Acquisitions Fail

Lack of Urgency - Now, while the parties to a merger or acquisition cannot exchange commercially sensitive information prior to being under common ownership, there is more than enough critically important, legally permissible prep work to keep an integration team occupied for a few months before day one. However, the majority of chief executives are unaware of this and wait for clearance from the regulatory authorities. Speed is essential in the M&A game.


How Technology-Driven Data Is Changing The Way Deals Are Made

For those who regularly engage in M&A, a large majority of them have begun to make technology-driven data analytics a crucial part of their toolbox, whether in the initial search for potential targets or other elements of the due diligence process. The term is one that is widely used for technology solutions to aid businesses interpret data as well as analyse business trends. Additionally, it provides a level of both sophistication and precision that was previously not there.


Starting With Culture When Going Ahead With A Re-Org Or Merger

Activision recently completed its acquisition of King Digital, the company behind the highly popular mobile app Candy Crush Saga. $5.9bn was spent on an acquisition that is being deemed as a way of “accelerating Activision’s move into mobile gaming”. On paper this deal makes perfect sense, as both are highly successful and profitable. Complementary products and prowess, good income, what could go wrong?


Will Apple Win The Content Battle Using M&A?

As one of the world’s largest companies and home to what is arguably the most successful consumer electrical product of all time, Apple which has forged a name as a technology giant, comfortably sits on a cash stockpile of $233bn. So, what does a company in this position do to continue on their path to technology and media world dominance? Recent rumours have surfaced that Apple is seeking to expand their empire through the acquisition of original content, breaking specifically into the television market.


Communication is Key in M&A

The merging of two companies can, in any instance, create a significant amount of upheaval, worry or concern for the parties involved. Successfully integrating two organisations without any teething issues is by no means a simple process and, according to professional services giant PWC, the flurry of activity surrounding a deal means that good communication is often overlooked.


Succession Planning In The Current M&A Market

This article has been produced to give the reader, some insight to developments within the mergers & acquisitions industry, as well as tips when considering funding.


The Impact of the EU Referendum on M&A

The looming EU referendum has undoubtedly created much discussion and debate. While headlines have predominantly focused on two issues. Firstly, whether a Brexit would cause a dip in rates of employment and secondly, the position of influential figures and celebrities in the discussion.


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