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Benchmark International’s environmental commitment

As part of Benchmark International’s commitment to making a positive impact on our local and wider environment, we actively participate in a number of environmental schemes.


Best middle-market deal flow conditions for sellers since mid-2000s according to expert

Posted on June 26, 2014 By in Blog

“The primary drivers of middle-market deal flow, company and industry performance, capital availability, macro-economic conditions, and private equity values are more favourable to the private business seller than at any time since the mid-2000s.” That is the view of Andy Greenberg, CEO of private equity data resource specialist GF Data, an organisation well positioned to make a judgment, based on purely data-driven analysis.

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Undervaluing the role of an M&A adviser may cost in the long run

Many business owners make one key mistake when selling their business: underestimating the value of their M&A adviser. Business owners will often marginalise their appointed M&A adviser to such an extent that it may seem their role is overly costly;however, whilst not all M&A advisers can justify their costs, a good one with strong credentials will surprise most of their clients by truly demonstrating the value an adviser can actually add.


Benchmark International named ‘Dealmaker of the Year 2014’ at M&A Awards

Benchmark International is proud to have been named ‘Dealmaker of the Year’ at the Acquisition International M&A Awards 2014.


Avoid being perceived as a risk

Risk is the most influential factor when buyers are deciding whether to make an acquisition or investment. In cases where an acquisition opportunity has greater growth potential than a comparative opportunity which represents lower risk, the majority of acquirers will pursue the latter.


Benchmark International reaches 1,000 Twitter followers

Another milestone is set down as Benchmark International proudly announces that that our Twitter account has now surpassed the 1,000 follower mark.


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