Benchmark International Donates an ICT Suite to White Bridge College

Posted on April 1, 2021 By

Benchmark International is proud to once again have had the privilege of partnering with PCrefurb to donate an ICT suite to White Bridge College in Tameside.

A recent IT audit by the school revealed that there are a significant number of students without access to the internet or an electronic device of their own where they live. The recent government Covid-19 laptops for vulnerable students scheme assisted some, but many still remain without the access they need to engage with online learning.

PCrefurb aims to overcome this ‘digital divide’, working with a variety of community groups and the NHS to support mental health, provide training and support and reduce e-waste. In the case of White Bridge College, PCrefurb has repaired and refurbished donated items, as well as wiped any existing data.

Wendy Webster, Head of Centre at White Bridge College, said: “I would like to pass on our grateful thanks to Benchmark International for the generous donation.  The new IT suite will be completed during the Easter Holidays and we have the timetable re-written to include the new facility in our curriculum offer.  It is going to be particularly useful to our Year 11 students who have been most impacted by the Covid lockdowns.  They have found the return to school difficult, and this will allow all our students to have access to a personalised catch-up programme of study.  Remote learning will continue to be a big part of their ongoing study and the new resource will allow them to gain confidence in the skills needed to progress.  We hope that we can continue to work with you in the future.”

Benchmark International donates ICT suite

Pictured: Executive Head Teacher, Anthony Benedict, and Head of Centre, Wendy Webster, with a plaque for the new ICT suite.


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