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Benchmark International Wins Gamechangers™ Progress Champion Award

Posted on July 18, 2023 By

Benchmark International has been honored with a Gamechangers™ Progress Champion Award for diversity and fostering inclusion.

Gamechangers™ is a leading corporate news magazine serving a global audience of more than 261,000+ subscribers with the information behind the headlines since 2003.

As part of their commitment to celebrating diversity and equality, Gamechangers™ presents the annual Gamechangers™ Progress Champion Awards, serving as a platform for recognition and appreciation. It allows companies striving to promote equality and LGBTQ+ rights among their clientele and workforce to share their stories and showcase their achievements. It also acts as a 'thank you' recognition platform for those taking even the smallest steps that make the lives of LGBTQ+ community members easier.

This second annual awards program was born out of a strong desire to acknowledge and accelerate positive change. Building on a legacy of more than 20 years with the Gamechangers™ Global Awards, which have received millions of nominations, the publication continues to be at the forefront of corporate recognition. 

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To create this program, Gamechangers™ conducted extensive market research and engaged in discussions with leading LGBTQ+ support organizations, HR and diversity consultants, and prominent inclusion charities. The original aim was to develop a program that celebrates individuals and organizations, regardless of size, who are passionately dedicated to fostering inclusion, diversity, and making the lives of millions easier through their working practices and tolerance. Whether it's the care they provide for their own LGBTQ+ staff or the exceptional attention they give to serving LGBTQ+ clientele, their efforts are commendable.

A portion of the profits generated from this awards publication will be donated to LGBTQ+ support charities. The publication itself will be distributed to an extensive LGBTQ+ community, as well as well-established business community readers.

Steven Keane, Managing Partner of Benchmark, said, “This award speaks to the relentless commitment of all of our team members around the world to create the most welcoming and equitable workplace culture for everyone. We should all be very proud of such a distinguished recognition.”

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