How to get the Most out of your M&A Adviser

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You’re selling your business and thinking about hiring an M&A adviser, but you’re unsure of the best way to get the most out of them, and what exactly they can do for you.

The below discusses how to get the most out of your M&A adviser, ensuring the most successful exit strategy for you.


Do you have an exit or growth strategy in place?


Communicate your goals.

Sellers each have their own goals of what they want to get out of their exit strategy, whether that be achieving maximum value, ensuring staff remain, or ensuring they remain with the company post-sale. Make sure that these are communicated with your M&A adviser to get the most out of them, as they can tailor the process to your needs.

Use your M&A adviser to project manage the process for you.

Your M&A adviser is there to take the strain off you while running your business, so let them project manage the process for you, from implementing timelines, attending key meetings and all-party conference calls and generally fire-fighting any issues that might arise. Not only does this take the strain off you, it can help to expedite the process.


Ensure they are exhausting all avenues. 

To get the most out of your M&A adviser, you will want to make sure that they are busy looking for the right buyer for you. An M&A adviser should market the opportunity to a wide database, which could include a personal network. Even if the eventual buyer comes from elsewhere, or you already have a buyer in mind, an M&A adviser can help create competitive tension with advanced interest, as well as help you to work through these offers by having conference calls and meetings with the interested parties.


Make sure they are negotiating value for you at every opportunity.

It’s not just the initial offer received from buyers that might need negotiating – there is potential it will need negotiating several times throughout the process – and it’s not just the value that needs to be considered. Make sure that your M&A adviser, where appropriate, negotiates such things as a beneficial structure for you, terms for the directors going forward, the extraction of assets, and working capital.


Make sure you receive and take into account referrals.

A good M&A adviser will have other types of advisers it can refer you to – whether that be lawyers, tax advisers, or wealth managers. It’s worth taking into account hiring these referrals as your M&A adviser will have worked with them numerous times before, so will work well together as a combined sell-side team.


Looking for a Corporate Finance Adviser? 


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How to Get the Most out of your M&A Adviser



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