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Benchmark International Has Successfully Facilitated the Transaction Between L&D Mail Masters, Inc. and Ironmark

The seller, L & D Mail Masters, Inc., is a full-service direct marketing firm incorporated in 1986. They enable their clients to create campaigns that Relate, Captivate, Cultivate, and Resonate with their target audience. L & D Mail Masters, Inc. offers a wide range of solutions for direct marketing needs, from campaign design to implementation and all the services in between. Their facility enables their clients to design, print, and mail all in one location. They provide direct marketing at its best by bringing expertise, experience, passion, and professionalism to their clients.


Benchmark International Successfully Facilitated The Transaction Between Prolist, Inc. And JAL Equity

Benchmark International has successfully facilitated a transaction between Frederick, Maryland-based ProList, Inc. and Sarasota, Florida-based JAL Equity.


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