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Benchmark International Successfully Facilitated the Transaction Between Community Pharmacology Services Limited and FutureMeds Sp. z o.o.

Benchmark International is pleased to announce the acquisition of Glasgow-based Community Pharmacology Services (CPS Research) by FutureMeds.

CPS Research conducts phase II-IV clinical trials and has over 30 years of clinical research experience. With a reach throughout the central belt of Scotland, the CPS team has conducted over 250 studies across a wide range of therapeutic areas and indications, such as cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, gynaecology, orthopaedics, psychiatry, immunology, dermatology, and respiratory medicine.

FutureMeds is the first European dedicated decentralised clinical trial (DCT) site network. Through acquisitions and a strategic focus on patient experience, FutureMeds has developed large, qualified patient pools across Europe that enable faster patient enrolment, stronger retention and more accurate results.

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This expansion promises to bring enhanced solutions to clients and accelerated access to new treatments for patients. CPS Research has over 4,000 engaged patients in the database, and with the FutureMeds DCT toolkit, the catchment area can be extended over the Glasgow urban area.


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